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Louis Lamaury



Hiya! I'm Louis, a second year studying economics and management who just happens to have an interest in politics. Entrepreneur at heart, I run a small custom computer building company and do a bit of photography on the side. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and go for it, last year was my first year doing MUN ever and now I’m president! Wish you have lots of fun debating!


morris chaiet



Howdy! My name is Morris Chaiet (They/Them) and I’m the resident third year of committee. My dissertation work is currently the policy efficacy regarding domestic violence and power imbalances of transgender and other gender minority relationships. (Basically why people feel the need to abuse their transgender partners). I grew up in a tiny town in central New Jersey, and fled to the busy city of Leeds as soon as I could. I’ve got 7 years of of MUN experience, (worked conferences in multiple countries) and have the complete lack of social tact to prove it. After graduation, I’m moving back to the states to study for the foreign service exam. Then I can dedicate the rest of my life trying to stop world crises before they happen on the world stage.





Hi, I’m China Joe.