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Weekly Session 11 - Migration from Developing Countries

Secretary Thu, 01/25/2018 - 09:15

Shithole Countries Remark

Recently, the White House has been embroiled in drama following an alleged racist outburst by Donald Trump during a meeting. The Trump administration has been in the process of withdrawing “Temporary Protected Status” (TPS) from a number of nationalities and during the meeting, it emerged in US media, that Trump remarked "Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?" Later he added that instead of granting residence to those affected by natural disasters, war or epidemics the USA should take in migrants from countries such as Norway.

This outburst has sparked major controversy worldwide as news of Trumps racism was confirmed by several members of his cabinet. The president responded by saying “I am the least racist person” and his remarks have been condemned heavily by both the UN and the African Union. However, it has sparked debate about the issue of migration to developed nations from less developed nations, in most cases from Africa to Europe and the USA.

The rise of nationalistic sentiments against migrants in Western Europe and in the USA has been growing in recent years, as the number of migrants moving in the hope of better prospects outside of their native countries puts pressure on governments to accommodate them. In the case of legal workers, there are those who worry that they take jobs away from locals – as migrants are more prepared to work for longer hours and less money. Furthermore, migrants send money back to their home nations to help their families, creating the worry that money is not being fed back into the economy and creates a drain.

Secondly, right-wing groups and individuals have created media storms about the issues of refugees and undocumented migrants entering developed nations. Such as Katie Hopkins’ comments about letting refugees fleeing north Africa across the Mediterranean drown at sea, and Donald Trump’s plans for a wall between Mexico and the USA to prevent undocumented border crossing. Gangs also use freedom of movement within the EU to organise begging rings in the UK. As such, there is growing anti-migrant sentiments amongst people, who believe that migrants come to the west in order to take advantage of state benefits. A practice known as “benefit tourism.” In the light of both Trump’s outburst, and recent policies like the Brexit vote, the attitude towards migration seems to be negative.

However, migration has had many positive impacts upon developed nations and nations of origin. Every year thousands of students travel to the USA and UK and other European nations to study, paying high fees and generating a considerable amount of income. These students also bring with them cultural knowledge that creates a diverse society on university campuses. After graduation, the majority of students return home to apply their degrees and experience to the workplace and growing economies of their home nations. This allows for them to develop as well.