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AGM & Online Voting

Secretary Wed, 03/14/2018 - 21:32

Annual General Meeting

On March 15th (tomorrow), we shall be electing 4 new people to form a committee for the next exciting year of LeedsMUN! If you cannot join us physically, please vote online by following the link below.



  • Summary of the past year for the Society by the President, Vice-President and Secretary
  • Presentation of the financial statement of the Society by the Treasurer
  • Presentation of candidates for the President
  • Election of the President
  • Presentation of candidates for the Secretary
  • Election of the Secretary
  • Presentation of candidates for Treasurer
  • Election of the Treasurer
  • Presentation of candidates for the Vice-President
  • Election of the Vice-President



Join us at the end of the night for a relaxing dinner at Akmal's. This affordable and amazingly tasty Indian place is a great way to celebrate the committee elections.